Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to get to most of the class readings: E-Reserve screencast

Here is a video which explains how to get to our reserved course readings.  I filmed this screencast earlier in the Spring, but the information I share here is the same for all of you.  Please watch this video to understand how to acquire your readings for this class:

Regarding your first reading of the semester which is Inanna - the text is broken up into smaller sections:

-The Huluppu Tree;
-Inanna & Enki (The God of Wisdom);
-The Courtship of Inanna  & Dumuzi;
-Inanna's Journey to the Underworld

Together, these four sections make up the Sumerian epic entitled Inanna:  Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Our first reading for the semester will be each of these sections of Inanna in this listed chrological order.

In order to know the reading assignment for each class, please listen to my announcements in class.  I will announce our reading for next class at the beginning of our class time each time we meet.

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