Monday, November 2, 2015

Some material to support your understanding of Shakespeare's Hamlet:

We have watched part of the Franco Zeffirelli film ("the Mel Gibson version") in class.  In addition, I am also providing you with the links to another full video of Hamlet here.  You can read the text along side your viewing of this masterpiece if you choose.    

David Tennant is a superb actor, bringing Hamlet's story to vivid fruition.  He is exceptional in this challenging role.  In addition, Patrick Stewart is excellent as the villain Claudius.  This film adaptation is not faithful to the original Shakespearean setting (12th century Denmark).  Instead, the film lends the medieval revenge story a modern context.  Still, this interpretation is faithful to Shakespeare's language, which is important to me in having you watch a film production of Hamlet.  

See you in class!

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